Curated, Disaggregated, Open Source based Private 5G as a Service

Private 5G NiralOS
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Why NiralOS?

" Last mile private 5G Networks connectivity is a key enabler of ultra-reliable, low latency applications for Industry 4.0, Precision Agriculture, Mobility, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Mining. Last-mile connectivity infrastructure is a challenge due to over-dependence on a few Incumbent OEMs that leads to a proprietary and inflexible solution with high CAPEX & OPEX cost. Today, while we are all set for the 5G deployment and denser networks, it’s a sure bet that the risk of vendor lock-in is going to increase multifold. "

Niral Networks aim to democratize private 5G as a service, Edge, and Cloud networking infrastructures by embracing a vendor-agnostic, open-source, web-scale, and disaggregated approach, leveraging NiralOS Network Operating System (NOS) integrated to any off-the-shelf white box hardware. NiralOS based 5G Infrastructure is ZERO CAPEX. Its private 5G as a service subscription and its openness and flexibility can be a key enabler for customers in their digital transformation with a constrained budget.

NiralOS Curation Process

NiralOS Curation process is based on 4 principles

Collaboration with best-of-breed Open Source Projects & Communities

Integration with Open, Disaggregated White box

Curation for Carrier-grade, Robust, Scalable Solution

Community driven development with Flexible Support and Upgrade

To know more about NiralOS Open & Disaggregated NOS 

Networking Landscape

The emergence of SDN, NFV, White box ODMs, 5G, and mature Open Source offerings has drastically changed the Networking Landscape over the last decade. We are moving from a traditional vendor-controlled approach to a vendor-agnostic approach which will unlock a new set of unchartered opportunities for Enterprises and Operators. Enterprises can democratize their private last-mile network infrastructures by embracing vendor agnostic, open-source, web-scale, and disaggregated solutions that enable rapid and cost-effective innovation.











What has Changed in the last Decade?

Mature Open Source Offering

Availability of multiple White box Options

Rising Cost due to Network Densification

Deployment of SDN, NFV, CNF

Industry Adoption of Open Solutions

Deployment of SDN, NFV, CNF

Industry Adoption of Open, Disaggregated Solution


Niral Networks Connection Image

NiralOS is developed using best-of-breed open source software and curated to be carrier-grade, robust, scalable, and feature compliant. NiralOS uses a community-driven development where an individual is open to contribute towards the software enrichment or support, similar to Linux and is integrable to any off-the-shelf Whitebox hardware to create a Vendor Agnostic Disaggregated Networking Solution.

NiralOS is Zero CAPEX, customer have the flexibility to buy their choice of Radio Unit, COTS HW and the NiralOS 5G infrastructure Software is available as a subscription. NiralOS 5G infrastructure includes:

  • Transport NOS for MPLS VPN Control Plane, User Plane of Routers, DCSG
  • 5G Edge NOS for Mobility, Session Management & User Plane Forwarding 
  • 5G Core NOS for centralized orchestration, provisioning,  policy, telemetry 

Our Open Source Ecosystem Partners

Problems faced by CUSTOMERs

Vendor Lock-In

As customer deploys denser network their dependency on proprietary solution from vendors increase multi-fold

Niral Networks Vendor Lock In Image
Niral Networks Open Disaggregated Solution

Proprietary Solution

Customer have no control over the binary software and black box hardware 

Non-Flexible & Rigid

Customer cannot use their own R & D team or third party for any software enhancement 

Niral Networks Flexible Product Framework
Niral Networks Blackbox Whitebox Framework

Hampers Innovation

In large deployment, proprietary solution leads to slow turn-around time, less flexible multi-vendor integration


Proprietary solution make upgrades slower, hampers innovation and is expensive

Niral Networks Expensive Money Image


Comprehensive open-source software solutions integrated with off-the-shelf hardware and customized to user’s need.

Niral Networks Vision Image
Niral Networks Solutions Image


Seamless integration with best of the breed Whitebox hardware

For competitive, cost-effective and flexible Network Infrastructure for 5G, Edge and Cloud

NiralOS 5G Infrastructure Software includes 5G TRANSPORT, 5G EDGE and 5G CLOUD

NiralOS Product

NiralOS is Zero CAPEX, customers have the flexibility to procure their choice of the Radio Unit, the COTS HW, and the NiralOS 5G Infrastructure Software is available as a subscription. Niral OS is integrated with the COTS HW to provide private 5G connectivity. NiralOS 5G infrastructure Software comprises the Transport NOS, 5G Edge NOS, and 5G Core NOS. Transport NOS comprises of the control plane and data plane software for MPLS VPN Router, DCSG with throughput between 10 Gbps to 300 Gbps. 5G Edge NOS comprises of the User Plane and Control Plane function for Subscriber Authentication, Mobility, Session Management, and Packet forwarding. 5G Core NOS provides centralized management, service provisioning, policy application, usage information. It can be hosted in a Private or Public Cloud.

Deep Packet Inspection (Edge DPI/PCEF)

DPI inspects the subscriber traffic, does layer-7 classification, and identifies the application/device type. DPI acts as a PCEF and enforces policy for traffic management, traffic steering, application-based firewall, DDOS protection, traffic enrichment. DPI collects session-level statistics of each subscriber for Network Analytics, Usage-based billing.

DPI is deployed as a bump in the wire after UPF/PGW before breakout to the Internet. DPI software is deployed as a CNF or bare metal on White box HW.

Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG)

DCSG or Access Router forwards traffic from the cell site towards the Edge or Core network. DCSG supports IPv4/IPv6 routing protocols, MPLS Signaling, Segment Routing, MPLS-VPN, E-VPN. Niral DCSG is SAI compliant and integrated to x86 Server with DPDK, Broadcom, and NXP based White box HWs supporting throughput from 10 to 300 Gbps. 

Niral DCSG can be deployed as VNFs, CNFs in Edge Cloud, or bare metal Whitebox HW in 5G Access based on performance or scalability requirement.

5G Edge

5G Edge provides the Authentication, Mobility, and Session Management of subscribers within the private Network. 5G Edge provides local break-out for Internet traffic. 5G Edge functions are deployed within the private Network of the Enterprise and are essential for ultra-reliable low latency applications for Industry 4.0, Autonomous Driving, AR/VR based Healthcare.

5G Edge functions are deployed as CNFs, VNFs in the COTS server. The Edge communicates with the 5G Core for Policy application, Network Management, Traffic Engineering.

5G Core

5G Core provides centralized orchestration, automation, Policy Control, and End-to-End Network Slicing. The 5G core is deployed in the Public Cloud and has complete visibility of the 5G Edges and Transport Nodes. The 5G core consists of the SDN Controller, PCEF, BGP-LS, Orchestrator that communicates with the Transport Nodes, Edge Nodes for network topology discovery, zero-touch provisioning, network slicing, billing.

The 5G Core Functions are deployed as CNFs, VNFs in the public cloud. 5G core is used to provision us with cases like Autonomous Driving, Industrial IOT, Precision Agriculture, AR/VR-based Banking/healthcare services.