About Niral Networks

Niral Networks aims to be a leading provider of Enterprise private 5G & Edge Network Operating System globally to optimize emerging technologies like Drone, Robotics, IOT, AR/VR in Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Railway, Port, and Manufacturing.

The Story Behind NIRAL

While working closely with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in previous projects, the Niral team understood the challenges faced by them due to Vendor Lock-in, the proprietary solutions are rigid that leads to slower time to market and higher total cost of ownership. It is predicted that 5G Networks needs to be 10X denser than 4G Networks. Denser network would require devices from more vendors leading to further risk of vendor lock-in.

MNOs understand the risk of vendor lock-in and are fast transforming from traditional and proprietary solutions to openness and disaggregation. Most operators have set up their own Research and Development arm to have better control over their Vendors, Products, and Costs.

Niral Network’s co-founding team has a combined experience of more than 70 man-years in the Telecom and Networking Industry in India. They have rich product experience in Telecom, Data Center, and Enterprise verticals. The team has worked closely with customers in the US, India, Europe, Australia, Middle-East, and South-East Asia. They have co-founded multiple startups in the US and India and co-authored numerous patents and technical publications in the area of computer networks.

After multiple deliberations with customers, the Niral team came up with the concept of NiralOS. NiralOS is an Network Operating System for private 5G and Edge with open interfaces that helps customer to transition from Vendor Controlled to Customer Deliberated approach, thereby reducing the time to market and lower the total cost of ownership.