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Why Choose Us

Industry Recognitions

The leadership team of Niral Networks has over 100 man years of combined experience in the ICT, Telecom & Networking Industry, with rich product experience in Packet Core, IP Transport, and SDN. They have worked with customers globally, co-founded multiple startups, and authored numerous patents and publications in the field of computer networks.

Innovative Solution

NiralOS is an advanced Network Operating System for private 5G and Edge with open interfaces, allowing customers to transition from Vendor Controlled to Customer Deliberated approach. This innovation reduces time to market and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Industry Focus

Niral Networks aims to optimize emerging technologies like Drone, Robotics, IOT, AR/VR in various industries, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Railway, Port, and Manufacturing.


Niral Networks hires smart, dedicated people who impact the success of their business.

Customer Service & Support

Niral Networks provides superior customer service and ensures that every client is completely satisfied with their work. Our trustworthy, dedicated, and experienced engineers will go the extra mile to solve IT issues.


Niral Networks is committed to delivering outstanding and cutting-edge IT solutions that add real value beyond expectations.

Overall, Niral Networks is the perfect partner for companies looking to stay ahead in the constantly evolving IT landscape.

Use Cases

Oil & Gas

Digitize Oil Exploration and Refineries


Smart Warehousing with Robotic Automation


Immersive experience to audience


Drone based thorough site inspection


Real-time efficient container tracking


Putting Industry 4.0 to work efficiently

IT Campus

AR/VR based remote operation technology

Smart City

Shaping the Future of Cities dynamically