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Private 5G to Transform the IT Parks & Offices

Companies often adopt novel technologies in immense competition to stay ahead of others in the IT race and scale to meet the client demands. Industries have started moving ahead of Covid’s setback, and with demands almost doubled, the need for tech to keep them connected in real-time has become necessary. Decisions now just don’t need to be smart but also fast.

Smart resource allocation requires more precise tracking & speedier transit requires intelligent infrastructure. With the current Economy being Data-driven, it is safe to say that the current Networking Solution isn’t enough to catch up with the required pace.

IT and office parks are among the most exciting places to work primarily for freshers, hence every year the workforce in this industry keeps adding up. As a whole, these tech parks provide various benefits to each business entity, enabling them to take advantage of economies of scale as a result of the integration of office spaces, residential areas, and rental developments. However, this increases bandwidth, high latency, and reduces speed thus reducing productivity.

The Indian government has already planned to roll out the 5G spectrum by 2022-23, which will lead to a significant jump in business opportunities and real-time engagements for the IT Industry. Companies have already started looking for 5G solutions, and leading IT companies are already working in this space according to a report from Everest Group. IT companies have increased collaborations with the 5G Operators & Service providers to unlock maximum productivity & efficiency.

Currently, the IT Industry contributes around 8% of India’s GDP and is expected to touch $350 billion by 2026 fiscal. The sector has added over 5 lakh freshers in the current financial year (the highest in one single year) with over 2 lakh being females, making IT the largest private sector employer for women. These numbers are projected to shoot up as industries start working in a full fledge environment.

Technologies built around 4G infrastructure lack in the world of cloud, high bandwidth, increased latency, AI/ML, AR/VR, real-time responses, critical projects & IoT (industrial internet of things), with 5G locked in to solve these issues we can start thinking about the connectivity between humans, machine and devices. 5G’s here to revolutionize the economy.

Challenges faced by the IT Industry due to Internet Connectivity:


Covid-19 hit the IT Industry hard, and as the Hybrid working model becomes normal the need for AR/VR to easily execute the meetings in real-time is inescapable. This becomes possible since Private 5G provides the required speed with ease.

Looking further as the restrictions cool down, the office traffic is going to their pre-covid levels & car parking issues start arising. Using a Private 5G Network, a smart parking system can be installed which scans the area and tells the user in advance where to park the car while entering the parking lobby.

Internal & External Communications:

IT Industries flaunt a huge number of employees under their shed & their clients abroad. Staying connected with employees and sharing data in real-time is an issue, meanwhile, as technology such as AI/ML emerges speed becomes more important than ever, and clients staying abroad need to get updated regularly.

Thus they rely on data to be uploaded to the cloud. With the current tech uploading data after certain period results in delayed communications, also different time zones make it more difficult.

Bandwidth Overuse & Application Inefficiency:

The next generation networking allows users to connect several IoT devices such as scanners, 4K CCTV cameras, Infrared scanners, and many more without any bandwidth overflow, thanks to a Private 5G low latency MEC server providing extensive low latency performance to the deployed enterprise applications. Leading IT companies possess large campuses and infrastructure and thus require multiple WiFI-routers and repeaters to cover the area, a Private 5G Network easily covers 1 sq km, providing connectivity without any hassle or speed lag.

The need for 5G is inevitable as the world of cloud, edge devices, and remote work becomes more common. IT Offices and Parks must switch to a Private 5G Network & move on from the traditional network systems. 5G Edge within the campus area and offices will lead to digitalization & faster implementation of technologies like AI/ML, IIoT, and AR/VR.

Private 5G Benefits

Niral Networks provide a comprehensive cloud-native 5G Core and Edge infrastructure platform for Enterprises that is centrally managed with a click of a couple of buttons and easily integrated with commodity hardware and 5G Radio to provide an affordable low latency, reliable indoor/outdoor connectivity.

NiralOS Software

Niral Networks Software is 70% open and 30% proprietary. There is significant IP development. A Private 5G Network (NiralOS) which is secured and open to customization, can easily be installed across an IT Campus, with a combination of small & macro radio cells.

5G networks along with Edge Applications would provide real-time connectivity and remote operations due to improved coverage, lower latency, higher bandwidth, and enhanced security at every stage of its business operations, resulting in the consistent and efficient operation of Campus.

As the volume and data increase in the IT Industry, companies will face challenges, switching to a Private Network system not only improves productivity and efficiency but also makes them leaders in their domain.

Private 5G Network also provides separate data processing and storage, helping companies to keep their data secure. With leading IT companies knocking on the 5G door, Niral Network can act as a catalyst to provide a one-stop, cost-efficient solution.

Niral Networks has received various global recognition like US-based Telecom Research Firm GigaOm, LightCounting, Telecom Infra Projects (Built in India), and Go-Global Awards. Also, we have been recognized by NASSCOM, DSCI, Accenture, Texmin, HPE.

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