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Private 5G Digitalization making Mining Safer, Faster and Economical

Digitalization is knocking on every industry’s door. Mining has been traditionally slow in implementing new technologies. Increase in demands of  modernization for increase in production capacity has led the mining industry to embrace digitization.

Drones, autonomous vehicles, IOT, and robots have penetrated their way to make mining safer, faster and economical. 5G network has paved the way for enabling these technologies and changed the traditional methods of functioning.

Benefits of Private5G

Digitalization is not easy in the mining industry, digging deeper into the earth to get fine ores makes operations risky, increases chances of equipment failure and makes connectivity difficult. As heavy vehicles move across the area continuously, safety needs to be a top priority.

Severe working conditions, equipment failures and poor network often delay the overall productivity. A small delay in the transfer and comprehension of information can decide the fate between life and death. Mines are expected to be productive, and deliver their products on time, as the whole manufacturing industry can come to halt if there’s a slight delay.

Optimization of mines by collecting and analyzing data in real-time is possible, thanks to the latest generation of wireless networks using private 5G. Reduced manual labor,  seamless connectivity, reduced production time and enhanced safety is feasible using private 5G.

Mining industry has a lot of difficulties that can be overcome by digitization:

  • Mining has been around since ancient times, with continuous mining the ores has been depleting hence the need to dig deeper with efficiency and safety comes up. As we go deeper the geological conditions change which becomes unfavorable for the existing technology to track and transfer data of equipment and surroundings in real-time. A private 5G network overcomes this with its increased throughput and low latency enabling real-time data tracking. According to data from the World Economic Forum over 44,000 injuries and 1000 lives can be avoided using a private network.

  • Mining needs to be scaled to meet the demand for increased productivity, also to unleash its unexplored potential. IoT and Automation can help mines achieve this. A combined and connected infrastructure of IoT deployed across the mining regions will connect thousands of devices at once, while covering a large area and transferring data in real-time. Self-driving vehicles can transport ores from production unit to processing unit without injuries, and efficiently. Similarly, automated drills can be used to increase productivity, with precision. 
  • As we dig deeper, ventilation and inspection of the area become critical. Private 5G can connect multiple drones at once and inspect a wide area, even places outside the reach of humans can be explored and the possibilities of accidents can be prevented. The smart ventilation system can auto-start and remove toxic gas, improving safety and providing better working conditions at the same time. Real-time monitoring can be achieved via private networks, thus the condition of machines over time is analyzed, preventing major damage to the machines and cost reductions in maintenance.
5G Implementation in Mining

Implementing a reliable and high speed network across the mining landscape is complex. A well planned network connectivity infrastructure is needed for areas of zero visibility, deep tunnels and places beyond human reach, where automated machines can function. Mining’s foundation lies around productivity, safety and sustainability.

A 5G network boasting of ultra-low latency, higher bandwidth and massive connectivity caters mining in multiple ways. Better utilization of mining equipment, deployment of autonomous vehicles and drones, access to real time data, predictive maintenance will upscale productivity. Real-time monitoring and tracking can prevent accidents and sensors can detect sudden environmental changes instantaneously, making mines safer to work. 

Niral’s private 5G network has been built to suit any environment and work flawlessly across varying land infrastructure. Niral Controller along with its 5G core and Niral Edge makes it easy for enterprises to monitor, control and customize the network according to their needs.

Leading companies are already on the move to make mines intelligent. Niral Networks can serve the mining sector with its experienced team, who can understand and cater to client’s need. We look forward to connecting, collaborating and making mining safer, faster and economical.

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