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Open solution in Telecom can still be Vendor Controlled instead of Operator Deliberated

This video summarizes Niral’s Open Product Framework and our curation process.

In Telecom, the term “OPEN” has different meanings based on the approach that the Vendor takes to build the product.

OPEN means closed proprietary software built on an open standard, with interoperable APIs and integrable to off-the-shelf Whitebox hardware. I call it the Vendor Controlled Approach, as the proprietary part is like a BlackBox and Operator has little control over it. The feature development and more importantly its support is totally under the control of the vendor.

OPEN also means open-source software built on open standard with interoperable APIs, where any individual can contribute towards the software enrichment or support, similar to Linux, and is integrable to any off-the-shelf Whitebox hardware to create a Disaggregated Network Solution. I feel this is the Operator Deliberated Approach, Operator defines the customization part which is their differentiation, rest is open source. Because of open source, the vendor’s control of its feature development and support is limited. Any third party can provide support for the product.

Mobile Operators need to upgrade their network to cope with the growing demand. 5G deployment would need network densification, which means an addition of indoor and outdoor small cells, outdoor macrocells for radio access and cell site routers, edge compute appliances in their Access and Edge Network. The Core Network also needs to be upgraded for additional bandwidth and supporting new applications.

While working closely with Mobile Operators, Niral team understood the problem faced by them due to Vendor Lock-in, Proprietary, Rigid, Closed and Expensive Solutions. While Operators may continue with traditional approach for their Core Network, they definitely want to change the model for their Access and Edge Deployment.

Telecom and networking industry understood the benefits for Operator Deliberated Model and are fast mutating from traditional and proprietary solutions to openness and disaggregation. With densification of Network Components in 5G, Operator needs to transform their model to have better control over their Vendor, Product, and Cost, especially in the Access and Edge Network.

Niral Networks has taken the second approach of openness that uses open source and no proprietary component. We partner with Mobile Operator in their Network Transformation Journey from Vendor Controlled to Operator Deliberated model.

Niral strives to be the Redhat of Networking Systems.

Niral’s Product Framework is built on 4 principles:

  1. Open Source Software
  2. Curation process for Telco
  3. Disaggregation as per Telco Choice of hardware and software
  4. Flexible Support from Niral or any Third Party

Niral’s Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) is built using Operator Deliberated Approach. It is developed using open-source routing OS and integrated into multiple Whitebox hardware. Niral is working closely with the open-source community and contributing to the development of open-source routing OS and forwarding platforms for DCSG.

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