Product Launch of Private 5G and Edge Services First Time in India at IMC 2022

Wireless Communication has come a long way, from making the first wireless call in 1979 to streaming videos around 2009. Now we are witnessing the rise of another milestone with the rise of 5G or the fifth generation technology, designed to interconnect humans, machines and other devices together with increased speed, low-latency and high bandwidth all without having the hassle of wired connectivity. It’s faster, better, wider and smarter than its predecessor. 5G is expected to reach over 2 billion connections by the end of 2025.

India got a glimpse of 5G’s potential during the Indian Mobile Congress 2022, which was held in Gurgaon’s Pragati Maidan during the first four days of October. Network companies, startups, vendors and delegates around the world joined and witnessed Atamnirbhar and developed India, when PM Narendra Modi unveiled 5G. Companies showcased their products like radio cells, architecture and softwares which can implement 5G services with ease across various sectors.

product launch of 5G in India


Niral Networks was also a part of this mega event, we showcased our Niral Controller and Niral Core and Niral Edge Cloud. We also showcased a few use cases for surveillance, video analytics in collaboration with NexGen and Lekha Technologies. NexGen had an Edge Cloud Data Center rack with multiple servers, builtin storage, power backup, AC etc. that can be deployed to instantly create a Data Center within a site. Niral 5G Core, Lekha’s radio software and Video Analytics application were together installed in Edge Server rack and helped in giving an end to end demo for how a private 5G network functions.

Niral’s 5G products – Niral Core, Niral Edge and Controller caught a lot of attention among the industries, startups and government officials present. Delegates from Indian Defense took active participation and got their queries cleared regarding our products, i.e., how they can be implemented in areas of tight security and danger. Senior officials from C-DAC, TEC took active interest in knowing about implementation and functioning of our products.

Niral’s products have a low footprint, and are compliant to 3GPP standard which can be easily customized according to industry needs. One interesting query came from an official belonging to the Chemical industry, which was how 5G can be implemented to a set of existing data sets and hence how it can help in improving productivity.

Niral Network’s team highlighted why 5G is important across enterprises, how it can be installed across their infrastructure and what benefits they can reap out of it. A healthy communication took place with other startups where everyone was keen to understand each other’s products, and look for ways to collaborate.

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