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Telecom and networking industry is fast transforming from traditional, proprietary solutions to openness and disaggregation.

Niral’s advantage is its openness, flexibility and use of emerging technologies like SDN, NFV, 5G, White box. NiralOS is developed using open standards and curated open source software that brings in flexibility for customer to choose any off-the-shelf Hardware making the network infrastructure flexible and not tied to proprietary, closed system. When NiralOS based products are deployed, it frees up the customers from any type of vendor lock-in, creating unparalleled opportunities, including competitive pricing, more flexibility, faster innovation, and cost-effective scaling, which all ultimately have the potential to significantly lower cost.

Niral’s Open Product Framework is built on 4 principles:

  1. Open Source Software Curation
  2. Customer collaborated Customization
  3. Disaggregation as per customer’s Choice of Whitebox hardware and software
  4. Flexible Support from Niral or any Third Party
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Innovation through partnership

We are not doing the network democratization alone, we collaborate with partners to accelerate the potential of democratization in the last-mile Internet connectivity for Industrial, Enterprise, Defense and remote areas. Niral Networks provides the private 5G infrastructure Software as a
subscription (5GaaS). Predominantly, our revenue model is through subscription. Customers are on-boarded to our portal and quick start their private 5G Network. The hardware units can be shipped by us or bought locally by the customers.

However, we are flexible and open to other models of engagement as required by customer. We engage with partners in 4 major areas.


Enterprise, Mobile Network Operators, Cloud Providers, Government and Industry who wants to reduce the risk of Vendor lock-in and embrace openness, disaggregation


System Integrators, Value Added Resellers and Managed Service Providers that works with Enterprises, Mobile Network Operators, Cloud Providers and Government


White box Manufacturers, ODMs, OEMs, Software Stack Providers, Infrastructure Providers willing to collaborate and provide complimentary solution


Open Source community, Open Innovation Group within Organization, individuals willing to collaborate and contribute to the Open Source Ecosystem

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