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Product Frameworks

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

DPI classifies, detects application used by mobile subscriber, applies policy and collects statistics for billing. DPI is deployed in the Core Network after UPF/PGW. In 5G, DPI can also be deployed at Access to monitor X2 Traffic between Cell Sites.

SD-WAN Suite

SD-WAN is a software defined approach to manage the WAN connectivity of companies with many branches, outlets. It creates secure connectivity across branches, optimizes application performance, simplifies network management.

IoT Edge Gateway

IOT Edge Gateway connects to sensors, actuators over interfaces like RS-232, MODBUS, BLE, MQTT etc. and connects northbound to the IOT Server Platform using WiFi, LAN, 4G.

Cell Site Router (CSR)

Cell Site Router forwards X2 traffic from one cell site to another without traversing the Core network. In 5G, it has the advantage to reduce the traffic load of the Core Network.

WiFi/WiMesh Controller

WLAN Controller provides secure configuration, remote management and automation of the Wifi Access Point or Mesh Network deployed across multiple branch offices. The communication with each WAP in the branch office is done using a secured VPN tunnel.

VoIP Suite

VOIP Suite consists of SIP Gateway at the Branch Office and SIP Server hosted in the Data-centre. It provides a medium of Audio, Video Communication and Messaging within the Enterprise.

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